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Sadly, the first international award my work had won will probably never be won by anybody else. Unchosen, the films against modern slavery is shutting down. The archives are available at the encounters festival.

Ivan, Trailer 30s

Ivan, short film on modern slavery

About Unchosen’s films against Slavery,
Unchosen is highly respected across the anti-slavery sector and beyond for its unique film resources and its national events, conferences and training.

Our aim is to increase awareness of modern slavery, ensuring that more victims are found and more perpetrators are prosecuted.

Our events and conferences increase awareness of modern slavery in local communities and in specific professions: we particularly target frontline workers and ‘first responders’ those professionals such as the police and local authorities who have a legal duty to enact the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) the framework by which potential victims of slavery are given support and accommodation. Our events show people that slavery happens in their area; what the signs are; and what they can do to combat it.

The events also provide a platform for networking and collaborations for agencies already working in this or related fields. At each public we work in conjunction with a local partner who delivers the event on the ground. The events generally involve three film screenings and a Q&A session between anti-slavery experts and the audience. Conferences normally include workshops and/or presentations from experts. Panellists are usually local leading anti-slavery experts who represent the diverse spectrum of police, safe house providers, government representatives or campaign organisations.
“I highly recommend working with Unchosen to deliver a strong message around modern slavery. I was able to provide them a brief which they took away and developed into a Conference Programme to suit the local area needs, identifying the appropriate guest speakers and all the publications for the event. For a busy Community Safety Manager with a number of responsibilities this level of service is essential in ensuring officers are aware of the impact and effect of Modern Slavery and how to refer using the correct channels.” Caroline Wiggins – Community Safety Manager, Epping Forest District Council, 10/03/2016

All our films are based on real-life case studies. Most short films are award winners from previous Unchosen Modern Slavery Short Film Competitions, but we also produce films and animations in-house. All our films are available to download from Unchosen website.

Unchosen has also created a series of film packages titled Films Against Slavery – there are four of these on Modern Slavery, Sexual Exploitation, Forced Labour and Child Slavery. These standalone film packages are designed to be used at trainings, small events or during your lunch break, taking less than 20 minutes to get an overview of modern slavery. Each package includes an animation followed by one of our powerful short films and a informational film, interviewing experts in the field. The packages also include information on spotting the signs of slavery and how to take action.

“The awareness videos produced by Unchosen are an excellent portrayal of how modern slavery manifests itself in society. Unchosen have a proven track record for producing excellent material for raising awareness and I would encourage organisations, agencies and communities to watch these short videos in order that they can begin to understand this abusive crime.” The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Mr Kevin Hyland OBE, August 2015.

Latest interview in a prestigious Slovak weekly magazine that was awarded several times by Pictures of the Year International and The Best of Photojournalism. (Partly Behind paywall)

I am very honoured that my short documentary film about modern slavery has won the ‘Best International Film on Modern Slavery’ award by Unchosen film festival about modern slavery.

And congratulations to the Leeds animation workshop for receiving the award ‘Best Film on Modern Slavery in the UK’ for their short animated film.

‘Ivan’ you can watch here:
‘They call us Maids’ here:


Series ‘Last of their kind’, with the death of Sudan, there are only two remaining northern white rhino alive. Called Najin and Fatu, they spend their lives living in protected area of Ol Pejeta Conservancy, where the ‘Caretakers’ sort of armed nature rangers are protecting them.

This is some of the stories from my project ‘North Of Mosul’, currently covering the war in northern Iraq, working on assignment for History’s channel new series with weekly updates called ‘HistoryNow’, captions follow:

1, ‘This was my house, now is just rubble’, says Said, an Assyrian from a small village near Mosul who is 71 and lost his home to an allied airforce campaign pushing out Daesh insurgent warriors.
2, To remind him, a soldier from northern Iraq in the Nineveh region tattooed a date on his finger when he and his family had to run away from their homes because of ISIS.
3, Training squad tactics in an abandoned town near the war frontline with the self called Islamic State or ISIS/ISIL. Sometimes mortars and rockets are flying over us, just keep your hand steady.
4, Assyrian soldier who is called Valentino by friends grew up near Mosul and witnessed many atrocities when the insurgents from ISIL took over his town. “Some of my muslim friends turned ISIS, I cannot understand that” he says and doesn’t want to get into details, just replies; “You have seen the videos online, it is just like that, crazy”.

Back in Northern ‪‎Iraq‬, working with History channel on a new series called History NOW


History NOW is a collection of timely and relevant stories that can only be experienced, documented and shared right now. Throughout 2016, “HISTORY NOW” will feature hundreds of evolving stories, with new characters being introduced every month and new content made available nearly every day, creating a living time capsule of the year’s events.
These stories will capture significant and transformative events from the perspective of those who are living them. The coming months will feature a constantly evolving roster of powerful videos from those on the front lines of history, all from their unique first-person perspectives.


Small war shrine with Jesus and attack rifle, followed by dead ISIL patrol laying down bodies, like sleeping man yet without life, and the blessings on the frontline, the edge of war. Jihad insurgents following their own god to hell, with fake promises of heavens, blind warriors sacrifice their gift of life for evil

see it here ->

From my photography work for print and online edition of Russian Snob Magazine, similar kind as Vanity Fair like monthly mag. Really quite nice binding, with eight pages story of American training Iraqi christians to fight the so-called Islamic State insurgents.

Northern Iraq, autonomous region of Kurdistan

North of Mosul

While politicians argue about the participation of entire countries and military units in the fight against ISIL * someone is with his own private war. Sergei Guly met with American who is teaching the art of war in Iraq for Assyrian Christians, and talked to him about how to survive among a total of jihad. Survive and win.